Engineering Services


Transform conceptual designs into successful products with strategic development, technical engineering and aesthetic performance.
Our designers will help to :

  • Design products to manufacturing
  • Optimize producats with 3D design
  • Create precise geometry
  • Automate standard design rules to apply shapes automatically in detailed design
  • Automate the drawings creation
  • Automate bill of aterials (BOM) creation
  • Performs Reverse Engineering
  • Balanced with creativity and design aesthetics

Design Steps

  • Concept Design
  • Detailed design
  • Planning
  • Assembly Sequence & Simulation
  • BOM (Standard and non statdard parts)
  • Drawings for non standard parts
  • Manufacturing drawings

Automotive And Shipbuilding

We are actively working on both the fields effectively and accuratly Check our previous work below or Contact us for more information.

Automotive Parts Design Experience

Front Bumper
Wheel Cap
Gear Knob
Wheather Strip
Glass Run
Eject Stand
Pipe Varied
Brake Pad
Body Parts
Turn Device
Other Parts

Jig Design Experience

  • filter_drama Following Jig sets are designed using CATIA V5. After designing these Jig Sets, 2D Drawings are generated in AUTOCAD.
    S. No. Stage Number Project Code Panel Type
    1 #130 R4S BSO
    2 #111 P32R BSO
    3 #111 P32S BSO
    4 #122 L12F BSO
    5 #122 L53H BSO
    6 #300 LB1A BSO
    7 #400 LB1A BSO
    8 #500 LB1A BSO
    9 #121 B12D BSO
    10 #112 P42J BSO
    11 #122 P42K BSO
    12 #110 X12C BSO
    13 #212 X12G BSO
    14 #121 J02C BSO
    15 #160 B12D BSO
    16 #240 / #250 X12G BSO
    17 #140 / #160 L12F BSO

Design Experience

  • CAD Design

  • Ship Design

  • Basic Design

  • Production Design

Our CAE Experts Will Helps To

  • Reduce the risk of design
  • Verify, troubleshoot and analyze products
  • Analyze the robustness and performance of components and assemlies
  • Reduce products development cost and time while improving the safety, comfort, and durability
  • Avoid multi-phasehysical prototype testing
  • Analyze object behavior
  • Reduce errors in design and drawing process
  • Ease of manufacturing
  • Design products with higher quality and better durability

Our Visualization Team Experts Will Help To

  • Develop virtual reality of your products
  • Apply Material/Color visualization
  • Define Camera and navigation
  • Create Light Rays reflections
  • Create Shadow and fog effects
  • Design Realistic lightings of the producat e.g. CAR headlights, winker lights etc
  • Create animations

2D To 3D

Now a days, Product life cycle Management (PLM) programs have the greatest affect on controlling total product costs. Companies that design in 3D CAD programs gains the most advantage from PLM software.

However, not many companies yet moved on to 3D CAD. The reasons why more engineers have not switched include cost, not seeing the need, and unfamiliarity as to how 3D programs have evolved. However, to hustle product development, eventually 3D systems must replace 2D programs.

Combined with 3D data, PLM software displays a product design in a way that 2D drawings cannot, helping non-engineers see and understand the concepts behind the design. Such understanding is vital for customers, investors, as well as suppliers and manufacturing personnel who will convert the design illustration into a physical object.

Together, 3D CAD and PLM programs accelerate the process of turning an idea into a product and bringing it to market. With 2D programs, drawing is fast and easy. But the output is still a 2D drawing, which does not readily work with downstream systems like purchasing and manufacturing. These 2D drawings do not contain all information needed to develop a three-dimensional product. It is usually during the manufacturing stage that problems arise, particularly with material or matching and mating assemblies. Hence it is beneficial to use 3D and generate 2D automatically from the 3D models as needed. Our CAD experts can help to covert your 2D drawings from images, pdf of CAD drawing formate to 3D models in any CAD ssoftware applications. We have capabilities in CATIA, Solidworks, NX, Inventor, Creo, AutoCAD etc.

Our Latest Works

Automobile production equipment business performance case

Conversion from 2D DATA to 3D DATA

3D Data is created from point cloud data, 2D Drawings and also based on the photographs and dimension measurements from the manufacturing sites.

Support of optimal specification creation (product transport equipment design)

Conversion packages UG-Nx & CATIAh5

Appearance Digital Analysis

Ergonomics and Assembly Simulation

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