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Considering the lack of finance and resource of various high-end software development companies, SEKAI–ICHI takes this opportunity to start a Low Cost Quality Assurance Center for helping such organizations to sustain their global market.

    Promotion Difficulties of High-End Software Development Companies:
  1. Enormous Customer Demands
  2. Lack of Skilled Resources
  3. Application Engineers
  4. Solution Consultants
  5. Programmers
  6. Expensive Applications
  7. Expensive Resources
  8. Lack Of Solution providers
  9. Language Barriers
  10. Huge defects in application (Including Regressions)
  11. Lack of Synchronization between the brands
  12. Other Hidden areas of difficulties
    Our Solution: Outsource low level and time consuming activities to us like :
  1. 7 Days * 24 Hours Near Shore – Offshore Helpdesk / Call Center
  2. Low Priority Defects Fixing
  3. Work Around Solution Investigations for Defects and Enhancement Requests
  4. Maintenance of Customer Specific Scenario for New Releases
  5. Low Level Customization of customer specific requirement
  6. Help Documentation
    We help High-end software development companies to achieve :
  1. Reduce Time to Market
  2. Maintain High Quality Product
  3. On time Deliveries to Customers
  4. High Customer Satisfaction
  5. More Revenues

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